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Crypto Exchange Services

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Type of Exchange

Types Of Exchange

Steps to Establish & Run a Successful Crypto Exchange

Step 01

Project Planning.

Step 02

Light Paper Preparation

Step 03

Company Formation

Step 04


Step 05

All legal documentation.

Step 06

White Paper Preparation.

Step 07

Private Funding Round.

Step 08

Development of Exchange.

Step 10

Global Testing.

Step 11

Tie ups with various stakeholders.

Step 12

Connect with Liquidity Provider.

Step 13

Look after Compliance & taxation management.

Step 14

Running Bounty .

Step 15

Exhaustive PR.

Step 16

Influencer Marketing.

If you would like to run a successful exchange ,you need to be extra careful on Wallet Safety.

Team of Legal Professional


Team of good technocrat


Team of Expert PR


Result is Success Success & Succcess

Earning Model of Exchange

Types Of Exchange