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Full stack ICO platform

ICO in Estonia

We create all documentation for your ICO, both technical and legal. We help you to write whitepaper, balance your business model to suite better the ICO financing.

We make the coin that is interesting for investors, fits your business model and Estonian legal framework for non-security ICO. Creating that kind of coin can be quite complicated and takes project planning experience.

We program your coin and smart contracts tied to it. Result will be based on ERC20 standard on Ethereum platform.

We interview you, research your field of business, brain-storm with you and then offer you a set of options that take your project to financially independent business development phase.

Why do your ICO in Estonia?

Estonia is the best jurisdiction on planet to make an ICO because of its friendly regulators, e-government and taxes. There is about 200 million dollars raised via ICOs that are organized here.

In Estonia, ICO regulation is neither specified nor mentioned in the national legislation. Being EU member state, the procedure of cryptocurrency transactions taxation is regulated by the national legislation of EU members depending on the nature of cryptocurrency transactions.

As a rule, for the purposes of taxation digital currency is considered as an intangible asset or commodity.

You can incorporate company in Estonia and manage it over web or via service providers without visiting Estonia too often, you can become Estonian e-resident and give legally binding digatal signatures form distance. While money stays in your company or you invest, your tax on that is 0%. Considering all this and more you cannot compare Estonia to other popular ICO places like Switzerland or Singapore – it is a lot better here.



We audit your ICO. This is one of most important aspect of ICO that you are audited by independent 3rd party. Therefore, if we do audit your ICO we do not do anything else for you.
  • Legal part of your whitepaper in Estonian context and proofreading, recommendations etc.
  • Technical audit of your coin and its smart contracts. Does it match with your whitepaper and business model? Is it ERC20 compliant? Coins can be created simple but also quite smart and therefore open to technical and logic hacks. We know and test them, you get a secure coin
  • We assess the viability of your business model and do security review and threat simulation analysis. We do not say if it is good business or not, but we probably can tell if it is a scam or not
  • Setting up a company
  • Opening a bank account for it
  • KYC/AML documentation
  • Getting two licenses for it from Estonian regulator – license to trade cryptocurrencies vs fiat money and license to create/operate cryptocurrency wallet

Incorporating company in Estonia

We create a company for you that has all you need for successful business here with cryptocurrencies.

Legal works of Utility ICO + business model

Utility ICO is complicated process that does not suite all businesses in the world. You either need business plan that has blockchain as integral part of it or you need to rethink all your business.
  • Business model analysis and recommendations
  • Planning of balanced Token attributes to avoid MIFID regulations (being Security) and still interest investors
  • Creating Terms of Service for ICO
  • Creating Privacy Policy
  • Writing disclaimers
  • Advisory agreements for team members
  • Lead generation agreement
  • Token purchase agreement
  • Writing/compiling legal part of Whitepaper
  • Analyzing your business model and Legal setup
  • Brain-storming and offering set of options how to create your coin
  • Programming your coin and its smart contracts on Ethereum platform and following ERC20 standard
  • Writing the technical part of your Whitepaper

Creating your Coin

Your Coin aka Token is the base of your ICO and also part of your business for years to come but you cannot change it later, you need to get it right on first time.

Writing a Whitepaper

That is included in Legal and Token part of our works. We do not sell that as separate service as this is too strongly tied to those other services.
  • Setting up and designing web
  • Crowd sale portal
  • Press portal for media
  • Landing pages for marketing (sub)campaigns
  • Affiliate management

Web page for ICO

Every project needs a web page. It’s not complicated nor big work but still has to be done, has to look good and trustworthy and has to have all things set correctly – show ICO progress, have Google Analytics installed etc.

Managing your ICO marketing

You need a seasoned marketing team for that. ICO success is all about sales and marketing. You need international PR company help to get into international business news, you need lot of advertising and you need strong and fast community support team.
  • Managing your marketing as CMO form planning to day-to-day execution
  • Creating marketing materials for ICO – banners, press releases, promotional videos etc.
  • International PR campaign including writing, editing and distribution of press releases, media alerts and monitoring mentions in unpaid media space
  • Working with select influencers, bloggers, etc.
  • Hiring community support team to answer questions on all relevant social media and chat channels from Twitter to Telegram
  • Buying and managing internet media to advertise your ICO
  • Monitoring results and changing campaign on fly as needed
  • ICO listing submission assistance (Icorating, TokenMarket, ICObench, Icobazaar, Smith&Crown, ICOAlert, CyberFund etc)
  • Translations of all materials in Russian, English and one more language
  • Advertising media worth 50 000€

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