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Full stack ICO platform

ICO in Malta

We offer full service ICO platform that will manage every aspect of your ICO project from company formation to exchange listing in a fully compliant manner. We are located in the ICO and crypto friendly jurisdiction of Malta which offers attractive tax benefits for non residents as well as a friendly ICO and blockchain regulatory structure while being a full EU and Eurozone member. ICO Malta specialises in both utility tokens, as well as bespoke security token development, and can develop cryptographic analogues of any traditional financial instrument.

ICO Platform

Our ICO services cover:
  • Security and asset backed ICOs under the EU prospectus directive
  • Legal review of your token model
  • Legal review of your white paper
  • Company incorporation
  • Delivering a full set of legal documentation (T&Cs, SAFT and the like)
  • Tokenomic modeling
  • Development of bespoke token protocols
  • Creating your token
  • Developing your smart contract
  • Deploying your multi signature wallet
  • Implementing a robust KYC/AML protocol and whitelist
  • Introducing you to our institutional investor pool (reserved for full service clients)

ICO Marketing

We will leverage Malta will leverage below the line marketing and market-sentiment techniques to ensure you hit your funding target by leveraging assets that include:

  • PR features in Forbes, Huff Po, Entrepreneur, INC and other tier 1 press
  • Coverage in top cryptocurrency news sites
  • Reviews by top ICO influencers on YouTube
  • Telegram promotion to major ICO groups and channels
  • Infographic video creation
  • BitcoinTalk buzz creation by legendary and hero members
  • Reddit buzz creation by highly respected crypto subreddit members
  • Celebrity ICO endorsements
  • Conference and roadshow organisation
Company Incorporation

Turn-key incorporation of efficient company structures, VAT registration, ICO banking setup (EU) & all other corporate services

Brand & Website

Creation of high impact brand & sleek, professional, secure website that converts visitors & maximises investment

ICO Platform

Smart contract creation, KYC/AML integration, whitelist creation, multi-signature wallet creation, affiliate tracking & bank wire support

ICO Banking

Opening of a bank account with an ICO friendly bank & OTC liquidation of collected funds


ICO PR campaigns on mainstream & crypto news sites, influencer marketing, bitcoin talk & Reddit sentiment management, telegram group promotion, roadshow & conference planning


Legal review of white paper & token model, full set of legal documentation (risk clauses, T&Cs, privacy policy etc), SAFT agreements, legal opinions & prospectus in the case of a security ICO


Press Releases published in Forbes, Entrepreneur, CoinTelegraph, The Merkle etc.

Social Media

Bitcointalk.org announcements

Bitcointalk.org sentiment management

Reddit announcements

Display Campaigns (to a data pool acquired over 30 ICOs)

Paid Promotion (to a data pool acquired over 30 ICOs)

Reddit Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Community Management

Concept Validation

Go To Market Strategy

Public Relations

Creating Brands The Market Loves

Premium Cryptocurrency Placements

ICO Sentiment Management

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