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We help governmental organizations to leverage the true power blockchain technology to build trust through open, transparent and collaborative networks.

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Blockchain for governmental services

Blockchain Technology Is Not Just About Cryptocurrencies Like The Bitcoin;The Technology Has The Power To Revolutionize The World. That’s Why Blockchain Technology And Government Policies Have More In Common Than You Think.

Blockchain can help create better public services-

Blockchain based solutions have the potential to make government operations more efficient and improve the delivery of public services, while simultaneously increasing trust in public sector.

Why Blockchain technology and government ?

Corruption and transparency remain the biggest hurdles in the way of efficient governance. While at the same time healthcare, foreign policy, taxes, education, and just so many other things in the country need to reform, and reform fast! The blockchain technology displaces the existing intermediaries, helping the government overcome the intrinsic latency in its operations.

This would include licenses, proofs of records, transactions, processes, or events. You can find answers to questions like did this event take place? Was this service performed on this piece of equipment? Does this person have the right permit.

In simple words, this will be about transferring money from one person/entity to another, enabling direct payments, etc.

Land registries, property titles, and any type of real estate ownership would fall under this area of application.

This is a hot field of interest for most governments worldwide. Blockchain e-identities to can be issued to citizens, enabling them to securely use services, like voting. Such an e-identity could allow its holder access to a variety of services and rights.

Blockchain for public sector

“While we discuss what blockchain technology is about and where can it be applied, several countries like Singapore, Delaware, Georgia and UK have already the taken their first steps towards the adoption of this technology in their governance.”

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